Projekt ukončen, aktivity sítě pokračují

Projekt Mezioborová síť udržitelného rozvoje byl úspěšně ukončen 30. 4. 2014, aktivity sítě však nadále pokračují.

Tyto původní stránky projektu budou aktualizovány pouze ve výjimečných případech, pro pokračování aktivit je třeba přejít na následující webové stránky:


Regionální centrum expertízy Česko - pro další spolupráci subjektů v Česku

COPERNICUS Alliance - pro mezinárodní spolupráci

Mezinárodní projektu UE4SD (běžel v letech 2013-2016)

Webová encyklopedie Enviwiki

Recenzovaný časopis Envigogika


Veronica Ecological Institute

veronica_barevne2The Veronica Ecological Institute is the professional worksite of the Foundation Organisation, the Czech Union for Nature Conservation Veronica. Through its expert and educational activities it provides an interpretation of specialist environmental themes. It operates in Brno and in Hostětín, and it focuses on both the urban and rural environment. Activities are developed over a wide range of issues from local details to international connections "from Hostětín to Europe". Since 1996, Veronica has published an eponymously titled cultural magazine, founded and developed an ecological consultancy in the Czech Republic and built up the Veronica Hostětín Center where its validates theoretical findings on model sustainable development projects. Specialist and educational activity is designed for the wider public, experts, representatives and employees of public administration, educational institutions, other non-governmental organisations, teachers and students of secondary schools and universities, and small and medium-sized enterprises. Veronica therefore welcomes the opportunity to connect to the MOSUR project, especially the work on the sustainable development platform.

It's dedicated to research and education on themes including climate protection, energy savings and renewable energy sources, sustainable consumption, green procurement, green households, green administrative offices and companies, public participation in planning and decision-making processes, sustainable regional development, and environmental and landscape protection.

It provides expert analyses and external strategies, plans, legislation, mediation of indisciplinary dicussions, coordination of expert working groups regarding the latest environmental issues, environmental consultancy, eduation for the specialist and lay public, lectures, seminars, excursions, conferences, panel discussions, round tables, meetings, and excusions to model projects in Hostětín: reed-bed sewage plant, biomass heating plant, apple juice plant and fruit drying kiln, examples of ecololical buildings, and a passive house.


Staff connected to the MOSUR project

  • Yvonny Gaillyová



Inaugural meeting of the RCE Czechia

On 27th April 2017, the Regional Center of Expertise Czechia was officially launched. After more than a year of efforts by the Charles University Environmental Center, the network was successfully accredited by the United Nations University (UNU). In the Czech Republic, RCE Czechia is the first association of this type, joining the network of Regional Centers of Expertise across the world which today comprises more than 150 such RCE associations. In Central and Eastern Europe, this model of cooperation has been applied only minimally – so far only 4 RCEs have been established in Albania, Russia and Serbia. Full minutes from the opening meeting can be downloaded here.

RCE Czechia is direct follow-up of the MOSUR Project. You can read more about RCE Czechia on its web pages.




Contact: Charles University Environment Center, José Martího 407/2, 162 00 Praha 6, tel: +420 220 199 460, e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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