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Projekt Mezioborová síť udržitelného rozvoje byl úspěšně ukončen 30. 4. 2014, aktivity sítě však nadále pokračují.

Tyto původní stránky projektu budou aktualizovány pouze ve výjimečných případech, pro pokračování aktivit je třeba přejít na následující webové stránky:


Regionální centrum expertízy Česko - pro další spolupráci subjektů v Česku

COPERNICUS Alliance - pro mezinárodní spolupráci

Mezinárodní projektu UE4SD (běžel v letech 2013-2016)

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Editorial workshops on writing and editing academic articles for impact journals

The Charles University Environment Center is happy to make a preliminary announcement of two editorial workshops to be staged in mid-February 2014 and designed specifically for Czech students interested in publishing academic articles in impact journals. The workshops will be led by Associate Professor Rodrigo Lozano from Utrecht University, who is Associate Editor for the Journal of Cleaner Production (Impact Factor for 2012 = 3.398).

Student workshops

Two workshops will be organised specifically for Czech students interested in the methodology of academic writing and the practicalities of how to actually write an academic article for an impact journal. One workshop will be held in České Budějovice and the other in Prague. Participants in these workshops will be asked to bring with them any draft articles they may be working on currently, as well as examples of other academic articles that they consider to be both well written and badly written, the purpose being to critically analyse the academic writing process.

Editor and reviewer workshop

A further workshop will be arranged in Prague specifically for academic journal editing and review staff that will provide an insight into impact journal methodology and what changes have occurred in this sector of the publishing world in recent years, including the development of new electronic classification, editing and review systems, the increasing trend towards more interdisciplinary publications, and the growing variety of sources of article submissions.


Rodrigo’s preliminary programme is as follows (further details will be published online in the New Year):

Monday, 17 February: 

Workshop for students from the University of South Bohemia on publishing first articles, impact journal methodology and the writing process for impact journals. Venue: Room 012, Biologické centrum AV ČR, v. v. i., Hydrobiologický ústav (HBÚ), Na Sádkách 7, 370 05 České Budějovice. Registration from 8:30; workshop from 9:00 - 15:30. Participants are requested to bring their own draft articles with them, and/or examples of good and bad academic writing. Capacity: 20-25. Please enrol here. If you have any questions prior to the beginning of the workshop, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tuesday, 18 February:

Workshop with Czech academic journal editors, reviewers and others members of the public interested in the current state of play in the world of impact journal publication. Venue: Charles University Administration Building (Rektorát), big meeting room (velká zasedačka), 2nd floor, Ovocný trh 3-5, Prague 1. Registration from 13.30; workshop from 14:00 - 16.30. Capacity: 20-25. Please enrol here. View this map to see the entrance to the building.

Wednesday, 19 February:

Workshop for students from Prague and elsewhere in the Czech Republic on publishing first articles, impact journal methodology and the review process for impact journals. Venue:  Hotel Krystal, J. Martího 2/407, Prague 6. Registration from 9:00; workshop from 9:30 - 15:00. Participants are requested to bring their own draft articles with them, and/or examples of good and bad academic writing. Capacity: 20-25. Please enrol here.

If you have any questions prior to the beginning of the workshop, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rodrigo 2013bAbout Rodrigo Lozano

Rodrigo has been working with Sustainability since 1999. He has expertise on change management for Sustainability, leadership for Sustainability, Corporate Sustainability, Sustainable Development in Higher Education, Sustainability assessment and reporting, collaboration for SD, workshop facilitation, educating educators, and network map analysis.

Before joining Utrecht University he was programme leader of the BA Environment and Business and lecturer at the University of Leeds, UK.

Rodrigo is the author of the Sustainability Tool for Auditing UNiversity Curricula in Higher-Education (STAUNCH(R)), the GRaphical Assessment of Sustainability Performance (GRASP(c)) tool, and the Graphical Assessment for Sustainability in Universities (GASU(c)) tool.

Some of Rodrigo's past projects include: assessing the curricula contribution of Cardiff University to sustainability; developing the content of Cardiff University sustainability webpage; facilitation for the BRASS centre, Cardiff University; staff and students training (at the BRASS Centre, Cardiff University); air conditioning systems, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality; e-learning and knowledge management transfer; mass transfer and energy efficiency in a lead smelting company; maintenance supervisor in a sugar cane mill; and simulation of an oil refinery.

Rodrigo is Associate Editor and Subject Editor of Education and Organisational Change Management for Sustainability for the Journal of Cleaner Production (Impact factor for 2012 is 3.398). He is also part of the scientific board of GAIA (impact factor 1.197), and part of the editorial board of Sustainable Development (impact factor 1.884), and Latin American Journal of Management for Sustainable Development (recently launched).

He is/was:

  • Associate Member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Member of the advisory board for the CSR competence centre in University of Applied Sciences, Essen, Germany
  • Member of the advisory board for the Doctoral School for Sustainable Development, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, Austria
  • Advisor to the Leeds Development Education Centre
  • Member of the Education for Sustainable Development advisory group for UK the Higher Education Academy from January until December 2012
  • As well as reviewer for a number of internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals

He has international experience presenting for diverse audiences in France, Germany, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK, and the U.S.A. He has worked and studied in Austria, El Salvador, Hungary, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, and the UK.

Focus areas

Earth and Sustainability
Educational & Learning Sciences


Inaugural meeting of the RCE Czechia

On 27th April 2017, the Regional Center of Expertise Czechia was officially launched. After more than a year of efforts by the Charles University Environmental Center, the network was successfully accredited by the United Nations University (UNU). In the Czech Republic, RCE Czechia is the first association of this type, joining the network of Regional Centers of Expertise across the world which today comprises more than 150 such RCE associations. In Central and Eastern Europe, this model of cooperation has been applied only minimally – so far only 4 RCEs have been established in Albania, Russia and Serbia. Full minutes from the opening meeting can be downloaded here.

RCE Czechia is direct follow-up of the MOSUR Project. You can read more about RCE Czechia on its web pages.




Contact: Charles University Environment Center, José Martího 407/2, 162 00 Praha 6, tel: +420 220 199 460, e-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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