Masaryk University

muniThe Environmental Studies Department of the Faculty of Social Studies of Masaryk University (FSS MU) provides education which is closely connected with the goals of the MOSUR project.

Notwithstanding the fact that today’s ecological problems are caused by human society, science often responds to it with the mere natural science monitoring of damage and by searching for technical solutions. The Environmental Studies Department on the other hand looks at this issue from a social-science/humanities perspective. Its aim is to understand the ecological crisis against a background of basic knowledge of natural scientific, historical and cultural resources, and look for a possible way out in relation to specific social, economic, legal, political, religious and other issues. Masaryk University and the Environmental Studies Department, which works closely with several regional non-profit organisations, plays an important role within the process of continuing closer regional cooperation in the field of environmental education.

Students and teachers will be linked to the planned project activities over the course of the project and to promoting its findings and experiences within the Moravian region. Masaryk University will hence contribute to the wider utilisation of project outcomes.


Staff connected to the MOSUR project

  • Naďa Johanisová
  • Lenka Parkánová