Green Circle

zkThe Green Circle is an association of 28 environmental NGOs working in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1989. Green circle promotes concerns of its members mainly by information and legislative activity.

The aim of the project is to strengthen contacts, establish cooperative network among disciplinary platforms for sustainable development, and connect various entities (universities, non-profit organisations, public administration, etc.) to an expert dialogue directed at increasing capability to formulate sustainable development policies at various levels. As an association of ecological non-government organisations, Green Circle is a totally naturally partner for this project. Green Circle encompasses by means of two forms of membership 90 mainly non-Prague NGOs, including several other specialised network organisations (such as a network of ecological consultancies).

The main aims of Green Circle include strengthening the cooperation and mutual communication of all entities which focus on environmental protection and sustainable development. Green Circle is primarily focused on mutual communication among NGOs, as well as cooperation and communication between the non-governmental sector and other sectors – public administration, and the commercial and academic sectors. Strengthening cooperation with the academic sector has also been a priority over recent years. From the point of view of forms of activities, Green Circle is focused mainly on networking, and legislative and informational activity. It therefore has a large range of contacts in Czech and foreign NGOs and other actors in the environmental field. Green Circle’s partnership can positively influence the success of the project in a fundamental way from the point of view of its contacts in the non-profit sector and it can strengthen the impact of the project implementation in practice in both the academic and non-academic spheres.


Staff connected to the MOSUR project

  • Júlia Sokolovičová
  • Kateřina Ptáčková