Charles University Environment Center

Lo-kniha_malaThe Charles University Environment Center (CUEC) is the coordinator of the MOSUR project. It has been cooperating closely with the target group of this project, i.e. with university students and pedagogues, since its establishment in 1992. CUEC also collects, compiles and communicates information relating to sustainable development, initiates the establishment of study programmes, disciplines and subjects, and supports their accreditation. CUEC follows up on contacts with experts in relevant disciplines and also works together with foreign institutions. It endeavours to communicate the results of its activities not only to experts, but also the wider public.



Selected CUEC projects in the education field

University Teachers’ Forum : education for a sustainable future was constituted on the basis of a CUEC initiative as a voluntary organisation of members who have a common interest in university education in the field of environmental and sustainable development. The aim of the Forum is focused on highlighting and creating content, measures and methodologies of education for sustainable development, including cooperation in the field of practice. Over the long-term horizon, this body should also ensure mutual communication of information about the activities of individual members, strengthen cooperation in the preparation of study programmes and materials, and in research work and projects.


CUEC also participated in the international project Virtual Campus for a Sustainable Europe (VCSE) in 2007-2009 (European Commission, DG EACEA).

Another project CUEC was involved in focusing on education in the field of sustainable development was 3-LENSUS: Lifelong Learning Network for Sustainable Development. The aim of the project was to connect universities and various other actors at the regional level to education networks, development new regional educational networks, and establish Regional Centres of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development.


CUEC is currently working with a consortium of Central and Eastern European (CEE) higher education institutions to development a project to build education for sustainable development capability in the CEE.



  • Jiří Dlouhý
  • Jana Dlouhá
  • Martin Zahradník
  • Andrew Barton
  • Dana Kapitulčinová