UGAF School on Green IT

Green IT School OsloOn October 7-11, 2013 project member Jiří Dlouhý participated in the UGAF School on Green IT, organized by the University of Oslo

The school gathered 15 professionals including: Sustainability consultants, IT managers, IT technical staff, systems and network administrators and IT postgraduate students.

The program covered the following topics:

• Sustainability and its relationship to Green IT
• Components of Green IT including: power consumption, cloud computing, virtualization, thin computing and virtual desktop, networking and infrastructure, mobile workforce, telecommuting, waste stream and recycling, regulations and incentives
• Issues related to data center planning and management
• Assessment of the costs and benefits associated with Green IT practices
• Digital signatures and soft copy only contracts, video conferencing as an alternative to travel, digital documents and collaboration to reduce paper,
• Evaluation of current IT system of universities, assessment strategies, optimizing existing resources, software tools for assessment
• Other topics such as hardware recycling policies, data security, corporate social responsibility

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